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Plans and pricing


Free. Nothing. Zero. Zilch. Nada. Start using Syft today and discover how easy it is to speed up your hiring while improving your diversity and inclusion.

Unlimited roles

Everyone in your company can use Syft with unlimited roles

Auto-match against job description

Save hundreds of hours on candidate reviews

GDPR compliant

Full compliance to give you peace of mind

20 CVs per role

The first 20 CVs will be analysed on each role for free

Match against another candidate

Build a perfect team in seconds

Candidate search

Know who you're looking for? Find them quickly with candidate search

Integrated directly into your ATS

No need to change your tooling or workflows

AI-powered filters

Much smarter that boolean searches


Syft understands more than 50 languages

Need faster? Want more? Try a paid plan to review more CVs with Syft

seat / month


All the features of free plus…

Syft the first 200 CVs per role

More candidates = higher chance of finding perfect

Cancel anytime

seat / month


All the features of free plus…

Syft the first 2000 CVs per role!

More candidates = higher chance of finding perfect

Cancel anytime

  • What is Syft API?
    You can now leverage our expert blind-AI platform for your own systems! Syft API is coming soon, and will democratise blind AI hiring for everyone.
  • How much is Syft?
    Syft is priced as follows – FREE for up to 20 CVs per role Monthly $49 a month per seat for Pro (200 CVs) $299 a month per seat for Enterprise (2000 CVs) Yearly $39 a month per seat for Pro (200 CVs), billed at $468 annually $249 a month per seat for Enterprise (2000 CVs), billed at $2988 annually You can see our up to date prices on our pricing page -
  • What is Syft TalentLake?
    Syft TalentLake is a brand new feature of Syft, coming soon. By mapping every single applicant in your ATS against your job description, you can be sure to find quality, diverse candidates much faster than ever before. It can also be used to promote and move from within! Simply add your existing teams' CVs to your ATS, and see who has the experience achieve success!
  • What if I need a more custom price?
    Sure, let's chat! Ping us at and we'll set up a time to chat
  • Which ATS do you integrate with?
    Currently we integrate with Lever and Greenhouse, but have plans to integrate with many more in the near future. If you would like us to specifically look at your ATS, please let us know by emailing We can normally create a new integration in a couple of weeks, so let us know!
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