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Syft Public Roadmap

Syft is always improving. Since we launched we have pushed out many new features which our customers love.

Contact us if you'd like to talk about our roadmap, or if there is a feature you'd like us to implement.

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September '23

We are completely rewriting our underlying AI neural engine.

In doing so we'll be able to provide a lot more detail as to why Syft is recommending particular candidates.

October '23

With the rewriting of our underlying AI engine complete, we are going to create a public API where recruitment agencies can use Syft to help them hire smarter.

We're also starting work on TalentLake - a new feature that will include everyone you have on your ATS and see if they're a great match for your current job.

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Image by Chad Madden

November '23

We will bring Syft to use on CRMs.

This will mean that recruitment agencies can post a job role, and look through their entire contact list to find the best matched candidates.

December '23

We're going to begin integrating with more ATS services. The list includes such services as Ashby, Homerun, iCIMS, Sage, SAP, Teamtailor, Workable, and Workday.

If you would like us to integrate with a service you use, let us know!

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Previous Updates

  • UI Redesign

  • Parallel CV uploading

  • Greenhouse integration

  • Candidate detail page redesign

  • …and many more!

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