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Syft installation instructions

Syft is an AI-powered filtering integration for your existing ATS or CRM that will dramatically speed up your time to hire.

You can enable Syft for your team by first visiting the Chrome Extensions Store -

( )

We recommend pinning to your browser window

Once installed, reload your Lever window and click the Syft icon to sign up your organisation. After signing up, reload Lever and click the Syft button in the bottom right hand corner. 

Screenshot 2023-04-27 at 15.34.41.png

You'll be greeted by a window asking you to enable the Syft → Lever integration. You will have to have the Super Admin rights to perform this step.


After the integration is enabled, refresh the page, select your role, and the Syft icon. Syft will begin uploading all the applications to our systems for analysing. You can navigate away from this screen at any time as Syft will do this in the background.

Once all candidates are uploaded, click the Syft icon to start being superhuman. Happy Syfting!

If you have any comments / questions / feedback please let us know.

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