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Recruiters! Is your time coming to an end?

With the recent news that IBM (among others) have stopped hiring for roles that could be done with AI, how long will it be until recruiters are gone too?

Let's talk about what a recruiter does. It's a difficult job!

Responsibilities can vary depending on the organization and specific job requirements but there are some common responsibilities:

  1. Job analysis and planning

  2. Job postings and advertising

  3. Sourcing and candidate identification

  4. Resume screening and candidate evaluation

  5. Interviewing and selection

  6. Candidate relationship management

  7. Offer negotiation and closing

  8. Applicant tracking and documentation

  9. Market research and industry knowledge

  10. Compliance and legal adherence

  11. Continuous improvement

These responsibilities require effective communication, organizational skills, the ability to work with multiple stakeholders, and a thorough understanding of the organization's goals and hiring needs.

Now when we talk about AI and what it could take over, it's clear to see that the one aspect it can't replace is the recruiter him/herself. The human that sits in the middle of all those responsibilities is impossible to replace. Yes, you can get AI to write you a job description, or even filter out the very best candidates with your requirements in minutes (Oh hey there Syft 😉), but at the end of the day AI cannot replace the human interactions and human relationships.

Whenever I speak with recruiters they always light up when they tell me of the people they've found jobs for. Recruiters are "people" people - so don't be afraid that AI is coming for your job.

Let AI do the tedious stuff so you can spend your time doing what you love - building relationships and getting great people into wonderful jobs.

If you're a recruiter or hiring manager Syft can help you remove some of the tedious steps of recruiting, and free up more than half your time. It's free to try, and cheap to use.

Find out more at

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