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We decided to help recruiters hire quicker. Here's why…

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

The Catalyst

Hi I'm J, and I'm the founder of Syft. A few years ago I was leading a design team and had to hire for an associate role. We received over six hundred applications!

Now, as anyone in the recruitment game knows, hiring is all about betting. It's a bet that the person you hire is going to do great things for your company. Another name for bet is risk.

Your approach to reviewing these CVs can have an impact on how you de-risk the eventual hire.

From selecting one at random (risky!) through to manually reviewing each and every one (including reading every word, going to every link, tracking down every nugget of information you can to completely and totally discount or move to the next stage).

The conclusion is; the more CVs we go through, the higher the chances we make a great hire!

So it's your job to get that pile of 600 CVs on your desk down to 2-3 to move onto the next stage. That means that you have to discount ~99.5% of all the applicants.

How do you do that without spending days and days reading CVs?

Why do we become recruiters / hiring managers?

Anyone who has been involved in the hiring process knows the pure joy and exhiliration of finding the right candidate and seeing them thrive in their new role. I don't love going through countless CVs, but I do love meeting people, finding what they're about, seeing if we would be a good fit for them, and they a good fit for the company.

I wanted to give recruiters and hiring managers the tools to get back to the enjoyable part of our jobs. The part where we meet people, develop relationships, and see our recommendations thrive.

Enter Syft

After coming up with a number of prototypes, we developed Syft. Syft solves that core problem of having to sort through hundreds of CVs and find quality candidates. It does this by parsing all the CVs in your pipeline, analysing them, and then gives you the tools to find the right candidate in minutes.

Syft uses the most advanced AI techniques to parse and suggest candidates to you. It's simple and will integrate into your existing ATS.

Can you help us?

We currently integrate with Lever, but would love to hear from you if you'd like us to integrate with your ATS/CRM. Let us know in the comments below.

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